Researching Common Territories
Presentation of the fieldwork collected during the Summer School alongside a cooking workshop November 2022

Researching Common Territories, the Summer School by Tinatin Gurgenidze, focused on the fieldwork that aimed to document everyday practices in border territories of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

Lecture and cooking workshop November 2022

Alina Iakymenko, the HIER@WIRWIR artist in residence, hosted an evening lecture and dumpling workshop focusing on traditional Ukranian culture.

Mixed Methodologies
PICTURE BERLIN Exhibition and durational performance
November 2022

The PICTURE BERLIN artists in residence had their final exhibition which included film projections on the windows facing to the street in addition to a durational performance. Artists included; Ashley Anderson, Kamaria Shepard, Shannon McClatchey, Jen Valender, Deborah Uhde, Alexandra Freye, Caroline Shepard, Nancy McCormack, Samantha Key and Najia Fatima

Falling, fleeing, flailing, soaring, succeeding, failing
Participation in the Project
Space Festival

August 2022

The evening included a total of 2 hours of video clips ranging from a few seconds to fifteen minutes, selected by four different cultural producers; Estelle Hoy, Nina Katchadourian, Michelle Lai and Shira Wachsmann. The clips do not include their art work but are rather a mixture of inspirational, funny, profound, disturbing or just plain weird. Each half hour section of clips reflects their interests at the moment. While viewing the juxtapositions of the clips, the viewer is impacted by the jarring nature of the extreme diversity of realities which coexist.

a friendly place
An Interactive Workshop of Perfomative Care 
June 2022

a friendly place 
encounters of a different kind
shaking leaves, 
touching sand

A one and half hour long program of performative care actions with different care providers including; Ella Ziegler, Min Lai, April Gertler,
Ingrid Offermann, Onur Ceritoğlu and Adrian Schiesser.
Each care action (which included story telling through tea drinking, eating pancakes and sharing moments through photographs in addition to movement, and readings into the future) was 15/20 minutes in length and was meant to be one on one. 

Zine Workshop
Risograph workshop with students and faculty from Bard College Berlin 
May 2022

Over the course of a weekend, a Zine workshop occurred using a borrowed Risograph machine from Risograph Deutschland.
Zines were collectively and individually produced with students and faculty members
from Bard College Berlin.

How to explain stew to round vegetables
Film presentation with Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling,
feat. Anselm Kiessling
April 2022

Anselm Kiessling, the boy from Krefeld, cooks the Drakeplatz-stew by Joseph Beuys and explains swimming elk. He talks about personal encounters with elks in the wild and the “K-Bahn” in Krefeld, which brought Beuys to Düsseldorf. The resulting video installation “How to explain stew to round vegetables” was shown for the first time. As a result of the cooking event (in the video), 17 multiples of canned and fled elk are available..
For the event, the stew made of vegetables from Neukölln were purchased for a donation, accompanied by a proper glass of “Krummer Jupp”.
All revenues generated were 100% donated to Bahnhofsmission am Ostbahnhof to help the homeless.

Bitte mit Sahne
Fundraising event for Ukraine
with Kathleen Knitter
April 2022

The Sunday event takes the form of a cake buffet - reminiscent of the "Kaffeebord" - a tradition in the Jutland region of Denmark, which is a spread of at least 5 types of cakes, pastries, and cookies.
The platform was used to raise over €3.000,00, and 100% of the money collected was donated to ARTISTS AT RISK.
All the cakes sold at the event were donated by neighbors and people we knew who have supported WIRWIR.

Presentations and lectures about WIRWIR

We get asked fairly often to do lectures about WIRWIR and what WIRWIR is about. We have hosted numerous groups of interested parties (including students from various universities) to WIRWIR and we do a slide presentation in addition to very often offering soup or a snack of some kind. At times we have also gone on location to discuss what we do.
In 2022, we did a total of 5 different presentations about WIRWIR to different organizations.

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